Bahiti Belly Dance

Bahiti encourages positive body image, personal expression through dance, and helps to build self confidence and awareness. Belly dancing is a great, sensual way to tone and strengthen your body in an encouraging and enjoyable environment. We offer classes ranging from brand-new beginner up to advanced specialized techniques. Our styles include egyptian, polynesian, bollywood fusion, and tribal fusion. We welcome all ages, abilities, body shapes and sizes!

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Why is Belly Dance right for me?

Belly Dancing is a great way for women to experience the wonders of the feminine form. With body waves, undulations, shimmys, and pops, the female body is trained to move in ways that are both exotic and fascinating. Belly dancing is a type of dance which can be fully enjoyed by men, women, and children of all ages. The beauty of belly dancing is that it has no boundaries for who can do it; people of all shapes, sizes, and technique levels can learn and enjoy it. 

Bahiti encourages the teen performers to extend the expectations from class to their everyday lives. Expectations which include working together, encouraging one another, being friendly to everyone, helping out in the community, and learning how to deal with stressful situation in a calm manner. 

Bahiti Belly Dance is based on a idea that belly dancing is fun, great cardio excercise, and takes places in a positive atmosphere. Dancing with Bahiti offers people a chance to enhance self-confidence, broaden one's cultural experiences, explore one's self-expression and meet new friends. 

Bahiti Belly Dance offers you a chance to enjoy some traditional belly dancing music with a modern twist, dress up in pretty, sparkly, jingly costumes, and work up a sweat while having fun. 


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